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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Archron empire

Etrius wrote:

Warnings by Lirana are disregarded as hypocritical given their imperialist war against Reru Tanda that caused the Evacasians to leave KERU not long ago, that from Archron is deemed also quite hypocritical given their imperialist tendencies though mildly understandable given the relationship with Icewindia.

But with the dragons having abandoned the islands, it was believed the need for a fight was over... But this does not mean that their mission was done. The fleet proceeds on to the islands, dividing their forces up to travel to the largest and most populated of the islands where once in port they would distribute food and offer limited medical care with their limited stocks to locals that needed it with the media covering extensively.

Camps are established in ports almost in the shadows of their ships to care for the needy with the Etrian flag flown side by side with that of the islands. The speakers working with the EIS begin their speeches of how they have come and chased off the dragons just as the speakers said they would. Applications are sent to Kiros for more food and supply deliveries via calls which are expected to be approved in the coming days.

RP: Removal of forces

Archron, now launching its troops onto the Islands, has noticed the Etrian troops. Which this revelation, Archron has issued a notice for the Etrians to remove their forces. As they are on Archian Territory. While none of the navy is present, Archron wishes to keep things relatively peaceful between Etrius and Archron.

Archron has also delivered a thanks to the Etrian Government for their aid of the Island. Talks have begun within the Military if Archron should compensate the Etrians, as a gift to the soldiers and their former Kaiserin