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New Provenance wrote:Alzarikstan

Indonesia formally accepts the SGRI's invitation to discuss bilateral relations.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Indonesia
Saturday, June 3, 2022

CONCERNING: Alzarikstan aka SGRI

Following great consideration, review, and thought by Prime Minister Maharani and her Cabinet, the Commonwealth of Indonesia formally accepts the SGRI's invitation to discuss bilateral relations. Due to the current state of Indonesia and Jakarta specifically, Prime Minister Maharani will not be able to visit Tsar Putin, but will be able to send Reto Marsudi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, to visit Tsar Putin in Moscow.

Miss Marsudi will arrive in Moscow at any time which the Tsar sees fit and discussions will take place as soon as possible. Indonesia is looking forward to maintaining positive relations with the SGRI.

Indonesia looks forward to possible cooperation and relations with the SGRI..

Sent from and written by,
Maharani, Puan
Prime Minister of Indonesia

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Tsar Vladimir Putin Officially Invites Indonesian Foreign Minister to Moscow

    The Executive Office of the Tsar has officially invited the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs to meet with him regarding Indonesian-SGRI bilateral relations at the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow. Tsar Vladimir Putin has indicated that he is very eager and pleased to hear that Indonesia has accepted the offer to meet with the SGRI amid the Japanese-French condemnation and aggressive ostracizing of Jakarta. Moscow welcomes the Indonesian delegation at their earliest availability. Accommodations have been put in place to host the Indonesian Foreign Minister.