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Legislative Elections Underway In Algeria
The May 2022 Algerian legislative elections have begun as polling places open throughout the country. Analysts are predicting higher turnout than the previous election, with an estimated 45-50% turnout this year compared to 35% in 2017. Several issues are on the minds of voters today, including the fight against terrorist groups in the South, democratic reforms and civil liberties, and the question of expanding Algeria’s role in global politics

The ruling National Liberation Front(FLN) party is expected to take a loss this year due to internal strife, as well as the high-profile resignation of several of the party’s more moderate & conservative members who have joined the opposing Democratic National Rally(RND) party. Members of the expanding “third-way” faction in the FLN have also made noise about splitting off and forming their own party, but this is unlikely to happen soon as such a new party would not be eligible to run in the current elections. Overall, the RND is expected to gain seats, which is anticipated to produce either a hung parliament or a slight RND majority. A coalition of smaller leftist parties, led by the Forces of the Democratic Alternative(FDA), are also expected to make small gains.