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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Archron empire

Blayredeshia wrote:

With his meeting concluded with Sibir and Grand Enforcer Apex; Prince Blayre von Krieg has rented an apartment in Archron and gone to purchase more appropriate weapons while he waits for the necessary repairs to be done to Sibir so that he and the synth can set off on their mission to the North Star to find Esolda's workshop and Napoleon before any Zekeians or other hostile forces can.

RP: Repairing the Synth SECRET

As the days go by, Apex would give Sibir several repairs and upgrades. Faster Processing, new sets of wiring, and removed the Dharkolfian programming within Sibir, to keep him Sentient. Fulfilling his promise, Apex would give Sibir to Blayre on the condition, Sibir comes back in one piece