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A New Player

Years of bad administration and deficits were a major problem for Alitalia in the last decade, the scenario was so bad that the Imperial government was forced raise it participation in the shares of the company to prevent the worst. The recent Covid-19 crisis only contributed for the worsening of the company's fiscal situation.

Looking to avoid bankrupcy the CEO of the company Francesco Montini, along the board of investitors, came with an curious solution, the fusion of Alitalia, Air Albania and Korean Air. Just like it Roman counterpart the Korean airline have recently got into a fiscal loophole.

According to the planning, the idea of fusion would be very positive for all the affected companies, with Korean Air and Alitalia being capable to share and increase it destinations, airport hubs, airplanes and personell, without the necessity of major investments, as also decreasing costs of operation, in the other side Air Albania a small regional company would be able to expand it "brand" to all over the world.

Korean and Roman authorities have already given green light for the fusion, including the decision of details such as the colors of the new airline (Red and White), the worldwide headquartes in Seoul, Korea, along it's CEO also Korean and a Roman CFO. The official name of the company is still to be decided, but both CEO's of the three airlines have sent the documents for anti-trust authorities in Korea, Rome and European Union for analysis looking for the final approval.