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Region: The Hole To Hide In

RP: Let the Games Begin!

Rumanian States R. F. Rumania
Empire of Gora Goran Angelfish
Windardia Knights of Silva
Candain DoC Night Sprites
Kiamai Kiamaian Elites
New cadaria Team Cadaria
Etrius Silver Hunters
Rekken Ukko's Chosen
Concordaia Concordean Lions
Vacoul Meep
Blayredeshia Cowboys
Kemonomica Team Kitsunetron
East evvia Solís People
Evve Terre The Evven Team
Schwypia Schwypian Patriots
The Atomic Schism The Schismian Kerows
Cervenia The Cervanian Stags
Srednjaci Oympic Committee Srednjaci
Comaraka The Comacores

Today, the first annual Kalrania Winter Olympics have started! Participants will be playing multiple Winter Sports! Who will bring home victories? Stay tuned to find out!

(OORP NOTE: I will only include the top 6 winners for each sport. the top 6 winners get awards)

DAY 1: Snowboarding

The results for snowboarding have come in.

1st Place: Kiamai
2nd Place: Vacoul
3rd Place: The Atomic Schism
4th Place: Etrius
5th Place: Empire of Gora
6th Place: Kemonomica