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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Potuty wrote:RP: Potutyan Diplomacy

Making use of the several radio towers situated within the Potutyan Realms, the Tetrarchy has decided to break away from its self impossed isolation and contact the complex native societies from outside Tetrarchy influence (which are infinitely less decadent and subPotutyan than the ones within the Realms), inviting their representatives to the city of Potuty where they will be recieved with the highest honors, enjoy the best cuisine and get to lay out the roadmap of fruitful economic and political relations between the Tetrarchy and nearby polities.
The attendants will be recieved on Potuty Airstrip 1 and be taken on a private carriage to the Nexus where the Tetrarchy will make a speech, a round table with open discussion will take place and then they will all go in jet to the jardens in Vadree's Palace in the South East, where they will enjoy an arragement of the best dishes in the Potutyan Realms as well as entertainment.

The message is recieved in Artaecus, Northern New Solingarch, Ygdzenge, Candain, Icewindia, Evve Terre, Imperial Nalvetland, Werewolf Islands, Schwypia, Dritske, Cenagrad and Exbrenia.

RP: Diplomacy Received

The Dritskan Council of Foreign Affairs responds promptly to the invitation, promising to send a delegation.