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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Aroneda wrote:RP: Aroneda still in food crisis

Due to a strike by 98% of farmers we have barely enough food to serve Aroneda, we ask for foreign grown food once again as disease spreads since people are forced to eat worms, birds and rat, even the upper class is experiencing this problem so please send food

RP: Help is on the Way
The newly formed Windardian Parliament passed it's first legislation today, called the "Aroneda Aid Act". The public vote on the act allowed it to pass. The legislation calls for the Windardian government to sponsor a humanitarian effort to import food to the country. All Windardia asks is for the expenses to be paid back at a later date. However, in order for this plan to work, Windardia needs access to the sea. President Gilligan has reached out to Asukiro to allow Windardia to borrow a ship and access the port previously mentioned by the government of Asukiro.

Blayredeshia and Aroneda