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Region: The Hole To Hide In

New sedran wrote:RP: Displeasure

The New Sedran government, looking into what occurred off their coast, would show severe dissatisfaction with the Rumanian government and the company that would allow such events to occur. The Government would agree to help in the clean up process but would demand the Rumanians to take up the large part of the cleaning effort, due to it being caused by them. The Government would begin to seal off beaches and inform the people to stay away from them to remain safe and healthy

RP: The beginnings of Trouble

As many New Sedran and Archians joined the Cross of Fire, just as many would oppose it. Directly across the Cross of Fire holdings, would be the Non Human section of Omega. This area would be vastly separated form the city but due to the Non Humans choosing this route, it was intended. Knowing the Cross of Fires true intentions, many would grow wary and arm themselves. The largest Non Human population there would be the Lirana, the Dawn Breakers a close second and Dragon Born as a third. While the largest Non Humans in Archron were the Dragon born, New Sedran would have few. However, only with a little of New Sedrans machine defense (Robots basically) within the large town, Many would take their safety into their own hands, and directly begin setting up mild defenses on their border. Most of the work was conducted by the Lirana, but the Dawn Breakers would conduct Aerial scouting's of the Cross Fires organization.

As well as receiving arms, they would unify under a common name, The "NHNS" or the Non Humans of New Sedran. A possible worry to the Cross Fire being, their numbers are beginning to grow. With Northern transports of Non Humans arriving from the Omegan city, along with them they would bring clothes and even uniforms with them.

RP: Posturuing
With word of the border buildup reaching the CoF's base the militia has responded by stationing its men on the border. On the Human side of the border the CoF would position troops wearing camouflage and balaclavas brandishing machine guns and assault rifles as well as flying their Green White Gold Tricolor, a yellow flag bearing a snake and the words "Don't Tread On Me", and Blayredeshian Battle Flag with a large Archian Cross and Rose in the center. Far off on high hills the NHNS and others would see the Blayredeshians station artillery pieces and improvised mortars with large white flags bearing a black star and black cannon in addition to the words "Come and Take It" emblazoned. Rumors also have circulated that the CoF are purchasing planes both civilian and decommissioned military from Blayredeshia and flying them in to New sedran to patrol the skies of their section of the isle. Meanwhile, Generalissimo Michael Pearse has allegedly disguised himself in civilian clothing and gone to the Archron empire mainland accompanied by gunmen in disguise to purchase more arms and recruit more Christian volunteers for the cause.

The Cross of Fire has decided to not sit idly by while their opponents consolidate strength, so Generalissimo Pearse has authorized that a convoy of civilian trucks and cars be rigged with explosives and driven into the heart of NHNS territory specifically an area where they theorize guns and militants to be stationed, and then detonate the bombs. Currently, all the vehicles have been prepped and are driving towards the border. All that they need to do now is infiltrate non-human territory. It has yet to be seen if they will succeed.
Archron empire wrote:RP: Securing a Northern Ally

With Archron and Schisms meeting going absolutely perfect, Archron would begin to cash off the Uranium trade. Beginning a massive Stockpile, the Archians would do themselves two favors. 1.Aiding the Schisms by giving more than they could have dream for. With Archinite being in a large stack for so long, the Exports would begin to make much needed room
2. They would profit off the Archinite trade. As well, as offering to send Engineers and Scientists to further aid the Schisms in their studies

Archron has also begun purchasing rice seeds from Schism. A needed and deserved seed would be planted in the tropics in the south

RP: Holding the Mantle

As the events in Blayredeshia went well, Roma would have handed over his responsibilities to Apex before his departure. Meaning, Apex would uphold the deal. Apex would bring Prince Blayre of Blayredeshia along to speak with Sibir of Icewindia. Merely wanting to observe and make sure everything went well, Apex would remain with them as they talked

Icewindia wrote:RP: 404 Error

Sibir Agreed to Talks wondering why A Prince of Blayredeshia was willing to see him. He had so much to do like clean the dishes, take Care of Roma's Kids, especially Zentruss since he keeps outgrowing his clothing and keeps breaking things.

RP: The Adventure Continues
With the parade over and many returning to their homes and previous duties; Prince Blayre would head to Archron to meet with the synth in the hopes of locating his friend Napoleon and continuing on his quest to possibly solve the Zekeinian problem.

Windardia wrote:RP: Panic in Windardia

Windardians, after hearing of Srednjaci's military activity are starting to accuse the nation of planning some sort of military action. Nationalist politicians have suggested deploying soldiers to the border to guard the Windardian border with Srednjaci.
President Gilligan has said "There is no reason for fear. Every nation has to maintain a military to defend itself. I can guarantee Srednjaci means no harm." As of now, the border is unprotected.

RP: Offering protection
The Imperial Ministry of State has recently made an offer to the government of Windardia to station a regiment or two of the Blayredeshian Army in the country. The Minister of State Joachim von Krupp would state that while the crisis with Srednjaci is over and solved; this way the Confederacy could expand its base of operations to the reason while Windardia would hardly have to worry about foreign military aggression due to the deterrence brought about from a Blayredeshian military presence albeit a small one.

Aroneda wrote:RP: Aroneda still in food crisis

Due to a strike by 98% of farmers we have barely enough food to serve Aroneda, we ask for foreign grown food once again as disease spreads since people are forced to eat worms, birds and rat, even the upper class is experiencing this problem so please send food

RP: An Offer of Help
The Imperial Ministry of State has offered to give aid to Aroneda by having Blayredeshian banks give the Kingdom low-interest loans to purchase livestock from the East Dixia Trading Company and corn, wheat, sugar, citrus, and various fruits and vegetables from the Collective Crop Commission which is a trade commission that acts as a middle man between foreign purchasers and Blayredeshia's various farmers and plantations. The State Ministry also stated that these loans could be used towards the Aronedan economy to stimulate it and increase their productivity so that they'll not only be able to pay back the loans but also be more productive than they were before taking them.