by Max Barry

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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Archron empire

RP: Here we go again

As the Kowenian Elections go by, Archron refuses the answers they were given. As a immediate act of fixing the problem, Archron would surround the Capitol with its garrisoned troops. The military would already have had troops garrisoning and patrolling the capital. It would only take a matter of minutes to reach the location.

Over 200 Wehrmacht RCA would be on guard, until the orders would come in. 50 would storm the Capitol building and seize and arrest all that were inside. Grand Enforcer Apex would state, “The Elected government of North Kowen was a clear and obvious threat to to nation itself. The so called President does not fit to Archian Ideals. As a act of keeping the peace and justice, Archron has taken matters into its own hands. Johannis Von Jaeger will temporarily lead the North Kowenian government, until Archron hosts another election”
North Kowen