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Demonos wrote:Can someone please explain the ending of LOTR to me? Why did Frodo, Gandalf, Elrond, have to leave to the island? (Is the Island like something in an Orwellian novel?)

March of Maedhros offered a nice short but thorough answer. The island and the history behind it is explained in more detail in other Tolkien's books, especially in The Silmarillion. If you feel that you'd like to know more, or are still unsure, feel free to reply! Until then, I do have some questions to add to the conversation ...

March of Maedhros wrote:

[...] it is also due in part to the fact that there is no "evil" (Sauron) left in Middle Earth except in those who carried the ring, so they (Frodo, Bilbo, Sam) must leave.[...]

This is interesting. Never thought about it like that, ie, they carry bits of the "evil" of Sauron with them so they must depart to the undying lands / Valinor so that Middle Earth is cleansed.

Lindon-Rivendell wrote:cause they were the ringbearers and middle earth wasnt safe for them anymore

Can you, or someone else, evolve a bit more on this? Why Middle Earth was unsafe for the ringbearers, especially after the events after Mount Doom?

Except "getting a free pass" because they did valiant actions regarding the demise of Sauron / destruction of the One Ring and so they were deemed "worthy" to board the ship for Valinor.

Dwarf wrote:[...] his and other returning vets' experiences in attempting to rejoin the civilized world, and how many of them felt such a re-acclimation to be impossible and had to "leave" once again. It doesn't have to be a one-to-one allegory [...]

Are you referring to the Hobbits departing for Valinor with the above quote? Ie, They had to "leave" because it was impossible morally / spiritually for them to remain in Middle Earth because they suffered great emotional and psychological toil that messed up their perception and enjoyment of life in The Shire?