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Region: The Hole To Hide In
RP: Bloodless Revolution!
"The people are the masters of the revolution in each country."-Kim Il Sung

Millions of Dharkolfians, Icewindians and Aerial-Saxons went to the streets to Celebrate the Return of the Imperial Republic. Hemlocks Old Dream seen to the point not by Hemlock but by Military.
Elections are being held with Romanov throwing his hat into the ring, United Coalition of Leftists and Monarcho-Socialist Party, New Reformist Party and Esolda Restorationist Front.

Hemlock himself saw no reason to interfere with People's will. A Part of his old Republican side returning to him.
Archron empire
Hemlock has formally made Executive Order with President Romanov approving to give Synths Rights as full Citizens. Hemlock is showing he has no Intention to carry out Roma's demand. Hemlock seems to be changing.... from Pro-Imperial back to his old young Self..... However Hemlock is still interested in keeping Archian-Icewindian Ties close and does intend to marry a Royal one day if one appears.

As for Catherine's Fate she was locked into an Asylum and is sedated until day she has kids. In which Romanov has seized her Queen Title and New Admiral is being chosen.