by Max Barry

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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Archron empire

RP: The Centurion and the Spartan

Months after the supposed Sacrifice from 237, his Vitals remain normal. The New Sedran government would be keeping tabs and a close eye on the Zekeian bunker, until he arrived...

Roma, having made his travel to Cametz, would arrive at the Bunker with his second in Command. With the whisps of wind flowing around the Bunker, A eerie calm would rush over the two and the surrounding forces. Roma, would have his mind set to what he knew was right. Ending the long Zekeian threat, or so he thought.

Outside the Bunker, Roma would stand before the doors, his hands behind his back. His Crimson Cloak waving as the wind brushed his cold armor. Grand Enforcer Apex would walk beside him, and stand.

[Apex] “My blade has been relinquished, Kaiser. I am at your service”
Apex’s voice would sound of a harsh whisper. His Armor looking feminine, but this was to his illusion. He would activate a refurbished and prototype Proto blade. Its color being a dark red and a steady stream of energy

[Roma] “Whatever happens here, the world will not know of the horrors locked in these vaults”

Roma would turn, and snap his fingers. Archian and New Sedran soldiers would begin shouting and moving into place. A alarm would sound as the doors began to open to the bunker. A Red ash and dust would seep from the doors and rise to the sky. The Bunker was dark, apart from a few red lights. Assuming, the emergency power was on.

Roma would take his steps in, and so would Apex. Roma, unsheathing his gladius would spark Archinite to it. They would enter the bunker, and leave the doors open. As the two entered, they would see the destruction 237 left behind. Several Bodies would remain attached to the SIVA inside the bunker. However, the infected BSA would be... burned, charred even. Carrying on, they would not look to the pulsating and growing SIVA nodes around them. They wanted to reach the main control, where it had been first discovered. After some more time consumption, they would stand before the entrance to the control center. To Roma and Apexes Surprise, Fire would spread around. 237 would be seen, his armor his shambles, his bare chest seen in some places. SIVA had unleashed its drones as a final measure to kill the unkillable. Welding only a makeshift battle axe, 237 would yell and scream in Archian as he battled the once forgotten technology. The Firestorm destroying many of the drones. Roma and Apex would also see the Former Iron Lords, Entangled in the walls. Barred by metal and SIVA wires to keep them in place. This was clearly done to protect them and keep them alive, but why? Was it 237? SIVA itself? Roma had seen enough. He would get a running Start and jump down, landing with a thud. Apex, you jump and roll into place.

The large noise was enough to distract 237 and SIVA. Roma would give a clap

[Roma] “Like a true Warrior, you still stand. Your fight is no longer your own, Issac”

Entering, Beta-7 defense Protocols
((Fight Music, because why not?))

237 would let out a laugh and looked to the SIVA which hummed in anger

[237] “Should have killed me when Valkyrie had me Pinned!”

He would yell as he slammed his axe down, releasing fire everywhere. Roma would charge Forward to aid 237. SIVA would hum in even more anger, Releasing a voice over the PA system

[PA] “A-A-Attention all P-nel, Beta-7 Emergency SIVA activation has been activated. P-P-lease exit the f-ilty now

Screaming would be heard coming from the Captured Iron Lords. As well as a Orange tint coming from the SIVA AI core. The Iron Lords, now filled with strength, would break their bonds and climb free.

[Roma] “Apex! Deal with Valkyrie and Rasputin, Odin and Azure are mine. Issac, to the back with you!”

237 and Apex would follow his orders. Apex would begin to engage with the two on the right of the console, while Roma dealed with the Left.

Roma would begin his Charge. Odin, the closest Iron Lord, would raise his rifle. A unfortunate twist for him would occur. Roma would charge his Archinite to his feet, and launch a shockwave to Odin, sending him back, and making him shout in pain. Unexpectedly, the SIVA attached to him would crumble and wither, Causing Odin to fall to the ground, weakened? but alive. 237 would take this opportunity to quickly begin a rescue attempt, Rushing to Romas side as Azure would get close. Azure, being more of Romas height, would collide into blade to blade Combat. Roma having his Gladius to parry, and Azure carrying his famous Greatsword. Meanwhile, as 237 was pulling Odin away and Roma was dueling, Apex would begin to engage in a 2v1 fight. However, he was trained for this. Reaching to his side, he pulled another Proto blade. Activating the same color of blade and energy. Valkyrie, holding her pike and Rasputin, using a smaller blade, would be no match for the modern and advanced blades. Valkyrie, Attempting to make a jab, would have her pike slashed and destroyed. Leaving Apex to make a quick slash across her chest

[Apex] “Suffer...”

He would turn to Rasputin, who would begin to back away

[Apex] “Suffer great!”

Apex would dash forward and plant his Left proto blade in Rasputins foot, and with the right, slashing his chest. Apexes intentions were not tk kill, but to disable.

Over on the other side, Issac would see Apexes quick work. He rushed to the Iron Lords and with Apexes help, dragged them to the back. Issac would have learned the anatomy of this place. The Doors behind them would lead to the outside

Roma on the other hand, would enjoy the fight. With Sparks clashing from the blades here and there, Roma would land a quick sucker punch to Azure. Roma would give a Sadistic laugh as he landed a hard kick

[Roma] “Infermu!”

Roma then would charge his blade and slam his through Azure. Azure crying out in a distorted pain, would drop his Great Sword. Roma would draw his fist back, and land a heavy hit, sending Azure to the ground

[Roma] “Etiam! Etiam!”

Roma shouted. Pleading for the fight to continue. However, Azure would be out. Roma would stand over Azure and cut the node controlling him. The SIVA would begin to decay

[Roma] “Cut their nodes! This thing cannot control them if the nodes are gone!”

Roma would shout, grabbing Azure and tossing him over his shoulder. 237 and Apex would comply and cut the nodes. This, would send SIVA into a frenzy. Several SIVA drones would be releasing and swarmed the Air. 237 would grab 2 of the Iron Lords and began dragging them to the doors in the back, kicking them open with the extra strength and energy he had left. Roma, sensing a fight no one would win, would begin to make his way to the doors, running. Apex, retrieving the last Iron Lord, would make a run for it

All was calm at the Entrance. Soldiers would be making jokes and eating, until they heard the sound of Thuds and yelling. They all would turn and saw 3 men, one shattered, one slow, and one feminine, running from a threat no one wanted to believe was real. SIVA drones would stick to the walls as the wires on the walls would pulsate more. However, these drones were small, about the size of a cat. What could they possibly harm? Many would question it, but would not want to find out

[Roma] “Seal the doors!”

Roma shouted as they would make it through the doors. However, the build up of drones would grow massive. Soldiers would begin firing upon the drones, destroying many, but not enough. Before SIVA could Escape its prison, the door would close. The pounding of Drones could be heard against the steal doors.

At last, The fabled Iron Lords were found, and the Legendary Spartan was alive. Roma would have much to reveal

Antenesia, Blayredeshia, and Independentcroatia