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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Archron empire wrote:RP: A Brother sent to earn his name

Upon the meeting with Hemlock, Roma would banish Hemlock from stepping foot on Archian soil until he completed his goal, Claiming what he lost. Roma would also take his Leave to Cametz, on a mission he would not say. Taking Grand Enforcer Apex with with.

RP: Last Political Change.

After a meeting with Roma there was definitely changes.

Hemlock under Armed Guard by Grand Marshall Romanov would arrive in Aurora where he and Grand Marshall Romanov went to an Grave Yard to see Ironsides Grave. Romanov gave the call.

Bomb went off killing entirety of the Senate. Army began Marching into Government Quarters shooting up Government.

Foreign Minister was seen in a Car fleeing scene with whats left of Government Aids and officials towards Border of Blayredeshia where Officials began banging on Gates. Icewindian Border Guard Shot Pistol in Air then foreign Minister raced forward and gave a Satellite phone to Border Captain who stood at salute when hearing an High Official in Military using a Favor up. Border Gates were opened as Cars began to flood towards Blayredeshian Border. However soon Military Trucks arrived and Blayredeshian Border Guard could see Fire fight happening between this checkpoint Guard and Dharkolfian Military.

Queen-Admiral Catherine has been detained.

Icewindian Press is placed under Military Command and Denial of a Coup is ongoing with Emperor Hemlock denying an Coup reading an Teleprompter operated by Dharkolfian Military stating that Imperial Republic is restored and Country is protected from Revisionists and Leftist Radicals. Grand Marshall Romanov has become 2nd President of Imperial Republic, Will retain his old Position and will appoint an New Supreme Congress. Emperor Hemlock position will be retained but its noted Romanov is always sitting behind him overseeing his work except for Foreign Relations. Reforms will be done to bring Icewindia into Modern Age with Moderates in Charge.

Emperor Hemlock once he has Chance is allowed to go to Werewolf Islands to command First Arriving Forces of 400,000 Troops on Mainland who will transfer to Kowenian Peninsula eventually.

Kowenian Islands
RP: Stop Deportation!

Army immediedly orders stop of Destruction of Icewindian Controlled sector and Deportation. Grand Marshall/President Romanov is willing to negotiate with Remaining Kowenians about a Free and Secure Islands. Willing to fix mistakes the Monarchy made.