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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Archron empire

Icewindia wrote:RP: No Response.

Hemlock gives no Response. However Icewindians are divided on what is going on.RP: Archianization.

Hemlock Requested Archians to be brought to Icewindia to begin studying Icewindia Society to see what was favorable and what needed to be removed to organize an Report for Hemlock. Hemlock has recently been noted calling Dharkolfians merely an Archian Sub-Culture noting its Germanic Tendencies within it. He wanted to see what he could salvage From Icewindian Culture to Integrate it into Dharkolfian Culture to Create an New Icewindian Man.

This has gotten Queen-Admiral very concerned and its noted Hemlock and Catherine are fighting behind closed Doors but keeping it from Public eye.

RP: Over Stepping the Line

With Hemlocks most recent request being handed to Roma, He has gone to far. Roma has requested a meeting with Hemlock. His reasons have not been specific, but he told Hemlock it was “A absolute necessity”