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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Dwarf Land4 wrote:RP: Stop it
The Lirana Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases an official condemnation of the Icewindian government, calling the actions against Icewindian civilians unnecessary and a strike against the wall that divides our more civilized nature from the beasts in our history.

In addition to this public condemnation, the Lirana government has reportedly discussed consulting the League of NAtions on the sending of an Assistance Mission, but elected that it would most likely be denied, and would be a waste of time to request.

A second statement was released soon after the first, promising asylum to any Kowenian Islands citizen who applies to a Lirana Embassy or an immigration centre in Liranaholm.

The Lirana military has been put on full alert, with previous Icewindian actions meaning an Icewindian Military action against the country could very well be their response to this.

RP: They are Animals.

Emperor Hemlock says hes killed no one but Animals. Kowenians are not people nor are they citizens of Icewindia. Emperor Hemlock says they will be much more happy under Archian Rule that Deportation to North Kowen is a benefit to them.