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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Etrius wrote:

Hemlock's visit is already a test of relations, the nation as a whole has been deemed too unstable with their constant regime changes and seen unfit to trade since they not only provide next to no unique resources but also have not fulfilled a single obligation set forth in previous agreements. All of this is not taking into account the kidnapping of the queen herself when she was granted status as a protected guest or the recent use of their betrayal of the Federation as a nationalist warcry.

The Royal family themselves have also proven unable to display consistant policies abroad, with only Empress Wolfy of the Werewolf Islands seen as a stable and level headed figure, though with her ousting and subsequent war against the Winter throne, the treaty that was signed between she and Etrius to bring peace has been scrapped. No active fighting is to take place from Natalia's side, but as things stand improvement of relations is impossible until more stability can be displayed.

RP: Suck it up Buttercup.

Hemlock Smiles and states "Perhaps Roma can take the blindfold off." Furthermore he states that Icewindians are aiding Wolfinites against Anglo Invader of Nalvetland. He at least asks to establish Diplomatic Communications on Virtual Screens to at-least be able to communicate easier.

Archron empire wrote:RP: Roma pressures the government

Upon hearing Roses request, Roma would get to work. Roma would begin threating the advisors of treason if they refused to aid in the former Kaiserins request. To their will, they agreed and would have the legitimacy of Hemlock changed. Hemlock was now the blood borther to Roma and the biological son of Rose, by law

RP: Roma to meet with the Etrian queen

Not having seen his mother in a very long time, he would travel to Etrius to meet his siblings and to privately, request to talk with Natalia.

RP: Throne Claim?

When Questions got raised if Hemlock was able to claim Archian Throne. Hemlock grinned a bit to the question however stated he would back Roma and that both of them already talked long time about what is and what was going to happen to prevent any shenanigans. That all is Fine.

Basaran wrote:Icewindia,Blayredeshia,Archron empire
RP: Reopening The Fight

Things have been very uneasy between the Totalist Government and its bolstered military morale and the King's men. It's been very quiet on the northern front since the Blayredeshians shifted support towards the King. Union Hall was stressed out beyond belief. The ceasefire was set to expire in a matter of days and even with much of nation under Totalist control, victory was far from achieved. The factories hadn't stopped churning out supplies for the war effort. New tanks started to roll onto the fields and up onto the Middean railway to be deployed in Onor. The 1st and 2nd armies, consisting of 200,000 men, 120 tanks each, and limited air support from locally sourced King Ravens from the Landown runway. The fight was set to begin again with renewed fervor.

The King's men, a single army grouping of 52,000 soldiers and a rough handful of tanks, had been well dug in along the road with more than a dozen murder pockets along the route towards York. In the dead of night, mines were set on the flanks. Pillboxes and bunkers were hastily erected along roads and narrow forested corridors that could be used as entrances. They could sit, wait, and fire. They were not moving from that spot.

Back down south, recruitment campaigns were the only advertisement that anyone heard anymore. "Fight for your country, for your brothers and sisters, for your freedom." The loudspeakers echoed and roared with the demand to stand and fight. It was tiring but many people headed the call. Former Syndicalists, some being very reluctant, joined out of fear of what a monarchy might do, or rather, what the propaganda told them it might do. During the ceasefire, a rough year of military silence, over a million men alone had been recruited to the fight. With another million in training. Stockpiles were liquidated entirely forcing the new recruits to rely on the factories to churn out guns faster than they could be deployed. If only it were that easy...

Then the ceasefire expired...

Word was quick to travel through the chain of command. The first noise was that of a 150mm Howitzer. Launched from the side of the Totalists, the first barrage of destruction began. The frontline opened up with retaliatory artillery and MG fire. 72 Empire tanks under Tanca (Tank) leader Victor Naeda, supported by 15 Scorpion tanks, pushed down the center lane along the main highway that stretched from Onor to York. The mad dash across the forested highway was supported with several divisions of 2 and 3 thousand men covering the flanks and filling the gaps between the tanks. The spearhead was formed.

The sky above became cluttered in air support. 3 air wings, 5th, 12th, and 22nd, consisting of 48 FC-45s, 20 King Raven Gunships, and 12 Venom Patrol Craft.

The fifth army, consisting of many new recruits had been shipped north by the Middean railway. The army group was almost entirely infantry, consisting of 500,000 reinforcements, a handful of towed artillery, and AT-support that were set to march through the plains from Jacobin to Milford and from there, push into York from the other entrance road.

The sixth army was the other half million soldiers who became the "watch dog" army. Stationed in the cities closest to the Sea of Trendaline and the Bay of Pontricare, these men were spread out and dug into the cities and along the cliffs, bluffs, and anything that could be used as defensive cover. The navy was not expected to succeed but rather serve as a distraction and a delay while the boys on land created an impassible barrier...

There were issues with the fight. The 4 v 1 aspect of the war was very much in the favor of the Monarchy and its newfound TNL allies. The solution was not to out produce them as that was already a very apparent issue with current supply demands. The decision was for a swift and determined end, a blitzkrieg of sorts. Tactical destruction was a must and nothing can be left standing for the monarchy to use. The solution was a very large bomber plane, one that had existed during the old federation. Blueprints still existed of the behemoth aircraft that put a crater in the old Blayredeshian "Pontricare line". This was none other than the former "Centurion Bomber"

A second behemoth was needed, but this needed to crawl along the ground. A tank of large portion to counter the defensive positions utilized by the Monarchists as well as hostile tank divisions that would likely be fielded by the intervening nations. Featuring a large 2 tread system (the image will show 4 independent treads) powered by high-torque HTSC (High-Temperature Superconductor) electromagnetic motors. The main power source is a dual Mil-Spec CVJF (Combat Vehicle Jet Fuel) ducted turbine generators. A pair of 150mm cannons on a rotating turret. This was simply designated "Project Mammoth"

RP: Icewindian Forward Operating Posts, In-front of the Icewindian Defense Lines.

Dharkolfian Troops sit in Foxholes and in Light Trenches and makeshift ditches and fighting holes with sandbag reinforcement to cover as many sip Cup of Joe's still adjusting to time change.

Pvt.Mike Stern:"This is a good cup of Joe I-"

Bullet hits him and he falls over coughing. Dharkolfians man Defenses and Pick up Assault Rifle's.

Pvt.Thomas:"Holy $@) Totalists!"

They begin to fire back at Overwhelming Enemy Force that has tanks. As Many find Enemy Infantry litterly overwelming there positions getting into Hand to Hand Combat.


He takes out his Pistol and fires it towards Soldiers charging at him before picking up Radio Again.


Troops in Forward Operating Posts begin to retreat back to the Defense Line. Radio Operators at HQ listen in realizing Forward Operating Posts are over run and begin to Fire Massive Artillery Bombardment in Area's over run and Airforce of 150 slowly begins to take off to begin Operation Torch of contesting dropping Napalm over large piles of reported Enemy Troops while also contesting the skies.

120,000 Troops in Defense Line begin to fire using Overwhelming Fire Patterns to try to match Enemy Numbers coming in. With Many an RPG amd Anti-Tank Gun firing at Enemy Tanks.

The byzantine city-state
RP: Marriage

With Napoleon and Archduke out of Question of being around. Hemlock has proposed Marriage with King's Daughter to ensure that should Monarchy Fall Icewindia would continue Fight to keep Empire safe. All Hemlock asks in this Marriage is Children and some Shinist Temples and future Queendom can be as Autonomous as Dharkolfia. Fair deal it seems for Protection.

RP: Not Waiting for an Answer.

Million Troops waiting begin to Cross the Blayredeshian Border as Emperor Hemlock makes it clear there going to Monarchist Basaran to Use Blayredeshian Rail and Ports to get there. Icewindian Air Forces begin to fly into Blayredeshian Airspace requesting to base bombers and Planes in Airbases to aid in War.

Emperor Hemlock is willing to make up for any hassle or cost. "There are Commies to deal with and I aint going to wait"

Kowenian Islands wrote:RP
While the ball game finishes in the Kowenian Islands between Icewindia and Artaecus, the military forces are able to focus back on the environment around them. The Icewindian invasion of part of the islands has not only stressed out the Kowenians living there, but has also continued to see a drastic economic downfall on the Icewindian side of the islands. With many local businesses either moving to the Artaecusian side of the islands or to the mainland Kowenian States, the Icewindian side of the islands is plunging into a recession as the number of jobs decrease and the lack of trade flowing through the nation. The Kowenian Islands, while not having major industries themselves, saw most of their economy as being a staging area for traveling ships from Kowen to the rest of Kalrania. Although now most ships hug the Cervenian coastline to avoid going close to the Icewindians, as a statement from a local Kowenian fishing business that moved to North Kowen to avoid the Icewindian takeover put it: “Icewindia is far too unstable of a nation and there are currently no promises if they are going to allow trade to continue or make trade impossible for the region. Heir aggressive military action wants us to take no chances in losing either our product, or more importantly, our employees.”

Many of the islanders on the Icewindian side of the islands are protesting the presence of Icewindian troops and some are demanding that Icewindia has a partial withdraw and to make promises in order to calm down fleeing businesses and have an attempt to draw businesses back to the region.

RP: Kowenian Islands- Oh... oh no....

200,000 Troops begin to on mass kick people out of there Homes to begin mass Deportation to North Kowen. Those who resist have Homes set alight and then will get the Bullet, There Family also gets the Bullet. Salt is being scoured around on ground as well. Loggers have been brought in to begin cutting down Forest and doing Mass Controlled burns to remove what will obviously become Guerilla Hellhole. Runways are being constructed to bring in Jet Fighters that will have Napalm.

Emperor Hemlock has deemed Kowenian Animal to be removed. He has authorized Hunting Season for any Icewindian to take Bounties on Kowenians after 48 Hour Period. He has Plans to make Hotel's, Casino's and has Full Intent for turning this into Living Space.

Fiercewood wrote:
{ RP | Before the Fight }

Captain Elinsore: "My team can provide reconnaissance on the city before or while Esolda's distractions. The Tseng Wuxin can provide further fire support with its missile batteries and guns. It's just a matter of dealing with poor visibility within the city."

Sergeant Yoon: "Captain, if I may, we have some MIDs in the equipment crates. If we were to find the M-frequency and E-count of these corrupted beings, we could calibrate the devices to identify hostiles within the fog."

Elinsore: "Good thinking Sergeant. Sword Saints, I would ask that we be able to study some of the deceased creatures. If they are indeed corrupted beings, I believe that we could target them through the smog with our identification devices."


RP: Esolda Idea

Esolda blankly stares at High Tech talk.

Esolda:"I Could use my Magic in my Normal Form to create a Blizzard to Freeze the mist and make Ice Shards to create an Tornado of Death but that can work too lets go with that."

Esolda is ready to go.