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Region: The Hole To Hide In

During Kaiser Roma's visit to Etrius in order to see his mother and newborn siblings, a private meeting was organized within the royal estate to speak with his new step mother, Lady Natalia. The two not only reach a consensus on the future between their contries but also as a family with Natalia offering to adopt Roma as her own son.

An Archian military base is to be established on the Northeast coast in the vicinity of the Republic of Nina. Whether the base is coastal or inland will be discussed at a later date. The federation's future looks bright

RP: Kowenian Islands - An underhanded helping hand

Natalia sees the news report of the current events in the group of kowenian islands under Icewindian rule, thinking to herself that it could be done better and be used as a strategic position for the Federal Navy. A small group of agents from the Etrian Intelligence Service will be dispatched to the islands by civilian transportation to get a consensus on the population's veiw of the Icewindians as well as their opinions on a different power stepping in to aid them should the Winters prove unpopular enough