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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Archron empire

RP: Bolstering against the tension

With the news that terrorists have demanded land to be pushed to Incheon City from North Kowen now just reaching Archian ears, they have quickly declined. Since Incheons departure from North Kowen, It has not been a large favorite of Archron by any means. Archron has begun to move 1k of the expected 3 million in North Kowen to be sent to secure the lands the Terrorists want to be removed and place in Incheon. These troops will be garrison forces

Kiamai wrote:RP: meeting done

Archron empire

The meeting between Empress Emily of Kiamai and Apex of Archron has concluded. What can only be described as a success, trade was agreed on and joint military exercises are to be conducted. The option of the foreign exchange student program is still waiting for Archron to accept or decline, despite that, it is definitely another step in the right direction.

Qaltoa wrote:OORP: For those that don't know, the Kingdom of Qaltoa is a powerful state of Antekuna. This is a puppet of mine.

RP: Burning Curtains | Archron empire (Secret)

Brought to meet with the King of Qaltoa, Apurimak IV, Helmuth would come to an agreement with the Son of the Sun, far from the prying eyes of the other Kuni States.

Effective immediately, Qaltoa will open communications and relations with the Archron Empire. As a gesture of goodwill, the Archians will allow Qaltoa to keep the washed up container ship, providing the Qaltoan juggernaut with a slew of highly advanced tech with which they can further advance their military. Of less tangible, but equally notable significance was the actions of the leader and diplomat, Helmuth Locke.

After subjecting himself to a long string of acts of humility that would break many a proud Archian, Helmuth Locke would gift to the Qaltoan king his helmet - a massive gesture of trust and respect in Archron. After looking at Locke and locking it in his grip, the king had Helmuth's helmet in his hands. After this, the Archians were given a day of festivities in the palace before being sent on their way back to their fatherland.

The implications of such a move are massive. Not only flinging the war even further in Qaltoa's favor, the agreement also marks the hegemon breaking the most sacred of the Kuni agreements; staying in isolation. Though the rest of the Kuni know not of this yet, time cannot seal for long such a secret from them. They shall find out soon. And when and how they will shall prove the difference between who rules Antekuna,

and who fades from it.

Basaran wrote:Icewindia,Blayredeshia,Archron empire
RP: Reopening The Fight

Things have been very uneasy between the Totalist Government and its bolstered military morale and the King's men. It's been very quiet on the northern front since the Blayredeshians shifted support towards the King. Union Hall was stressed out beyond belief. The ceasefire was set to expire in a matter of days and even with much of nation under Totalist control, victory was far from achieved. The factories hadn't stopped churning out supplies for the war effort. New tanks started to roll onto the fields and up onto the Middean railway to be deployed in Onor. The 1st and 2nd armies, consisting of 200,000 men, 120 tanks each, and limited air support from locally sourced King Ravens from the Landown runway. The fight was set to begin again with renewed fervor.

The King's men, a single army grouping of 52,000 soldiers and a rough handful of tanks, had been well dug in along the road with more than a dozen murder pockets along the route towards York. In the dead of night, mines were set on the flanks. Pillboxes and bunkers were hastily erected along roads and narrow forested corridors that could be used as entrances. They could sit, wait, and fire. They were not moving from that spot.

Back down south, recruitment campaigns were the only advertisement that anyone heard anymore. "Fight for your country, for your brothers and sisters, for your freedom." The loudspeakers echoed and roared with the demand to stand and fight. It was tiring but many people headed the call. Former Syndicalists, some being very reluctant, joined out of fear of what a monarchy might do, or rather, what the propaganda told them it might do. During the ceasefire, a rough year of military silence, over a million men alone had been recruited to the fight. With another million in training. Stockpiles were liquidated entirely forcing the new recruits to rely on the factories to churn out guns faster than they could be deployed. If only it were that easy...

Then the ceasefire expired...

Word was quick to travel through the chain of command. The first noise was that of a 150mm Howitzer. Launched from the side of the Totalists, the first barrage of destruction began. The frontline opened up with retaliatory artillery and MG fire. 72 Empire tanks under Tanca (Tank) leader Victor Naeda, supported by 15 Scorpion tanks, pushed down the center lane along the main highway that stretched from Onor to York. The mad dash across the forested highway was supported with several divisions of 2 and 3 thousand men covering the flanks and filling the gaps between the tanks. The spearhead was formed.

The sky above became cluttered in air support. 3 air wings, 5th, 12th, and 22nd, consisting of 48 FC-45s, 20 King Raven Gunships, and 12 Venom Patrol Craft.

The fifth army, consisting of many new recruits had been shipped north by the Middean railway. The army group was almost entirely infantry, consisting of 500,000 reinforcements, a handful of towed artillery, and AT-support that were set to march through the plains from Jacobin to Milford and from there, push into York from the other entrance road.

The sixth army was the other half million soldiers who became the "watch dog" army. Stationed in the cities closest to the Sea of Trendaline and the Bay of Pontricare, these men were spread out and dug into the cities and along the cliffs, bluffs, and anything that could be used as defensive cover. The navy was not expected to succeed but rather serve as a distraction and a delay while the boys on land created an impassible barrier...

There were issues with the fight. The 4 v 1 aspect of the war was very much in the favor of the Monarchy and its newfound TNL allies. The solution was not to out produce them as that was already a very apparent issue with current supply demands. The decision was for a swift and determined end, a blitzkrieg of sorts. Tactical destruction was a must and nothing can be left standing for the monarchy to use. The solution was a very large bomber plane, one that had existed during the old federation. Blueprints still existed of the behemoth aircraft that put a crater in the old Blayredeshian "Pontricare line". This was none other than the former "Centurion Bomber"

A second behemoth was needed, but this needed to crawl along the ground. A tank of large portion to counter the defensive positions utilized by the Monarchists as well as hostile tank divisions that would likely be fielded by the intervening nations. Featuring a large 2 tread system (the image will show 4 independent treads) powered by high-torque HTSC (High-Temperature Superconductor) electromagnetic motors. The main power source is a dual Mil-Spec CVJF (Combat Vehicle Jet Fuel) ducted turbine generators. A pair of 150mm cannons on a rotating turret. This was simply designated "Project Mammoth"

RP: Relations improving with Kiamai

With the meeting between Empress Emily and Grand Enforcer Apex going well, Archron has agreed to trade and military cooperation. Archron has asked for Artaecus's thoughts on Archian Foreign Exchange with Kiamai. Wondering if it will hinder relations

RP: A soldiers promise

Before Helmuth would leave, he would put in a Request to the King for a Archian Military base for Communication purposes. Archron has agreed to undertake restrictions to allow such a base to exist. After he put in the request, the Carrier would linger only a little longer to receive the Kings message.

Meanwhile, on the Carrier, Helmuth would inform Kaiser Roma of the events that were taken. Upon the humility he faced, Roma would go beyond Generous and promote him to a General Status. Should the Qaltoa accept the base, he will be stationed in Antekuna as a representative of Archron. However, Roma has expressed wanting to meet the King in Person as well. Perhaps, this may become a possibility in the future

RP: Aiding the Monarchists

Upon hearing the word of Basaran launched into another war, Archron would be quick to over its aid to the Monarchist forces. Ranging from Volunteers, to direct intervention. Even sending supplies if needed

RP; The Son of two mothers

Apart of the meeting that occurred with Natalia, Both would agree to closer ties and allowing military bases in Etrius. Natalia would also gain another child. Roma would graciously accept Natalias offer to officially become her son. Rose, upon hearing this, would smile and nearly cry, knowing her family had grown into what she wanted.

Basaran and Antekuna