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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Archron empire wrote:RP: Archians onto the shore

The soldiers would be very concerned and confused. However, under Commander Helmuth Locke, they would pull to the shore, and prepare for a conversation

OORP: For those that don't know, the Kingdom of Qaltoa is a powerful state of Antekuna. This is a puppet of mine.

RP: Burning Curtains | Archron empire (Secret)

Brought to meet with the King of Qaltoa, Apurimak IV, Helmuth would come to an agreement with the Son of the Sun, far from the prying eyes of the other Kuni States.

Effective immediately, Qaltoa will open communications and relations with the Archron Empire. As a gesture of goodwill, the Archians will allow Qaltoa to keep the washed up container ship, providing the Qaltoan juggernaut with a slew of highly advanced tech with which they can further advance their military. Of less tangible, but equally notable significance was the actions of the leader and diplomat, Helmuth Locke.

After subjecting himself to a long string of acts of humility that would break many a proud Archian, Helmuth Locke would gift to the Qaltoan king his helmet - a massive gesture of trust and respect in Archron. After looking at Locke and locking it in his grip, the king had Helmuth's helmet in his hands. After this, the Archians were given a day of festivities in the palace before being sent on their way back to their fatherland.

The implications of such a move are massive. Not only flinging the war even further in Qaltoa's favor, the agreement also marks the hegemon breaking the most sacred of the Kuni agreements; staying in isolation. Though the rest of the Kuni know not of this yet, time cannot seal for long such a secret from them. They shall find out soon. And when and how they will shall prove the difference between who rules Antekuna,

and who fades from it.