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RP: Normal landing in Exbrenia turns tragic.
An investigation is underway in Exbrenia following the crash landing of a West Kowenian commercial aircraft at Goldenpath International Airport.

The aircraft, a four jet engine single liner, was coming in for a landing after taking off in West Kowen bound for Exbrenia with a stop in Evve Terre for refueling.

Exbrenian investigators after examining communication between the aircraft and air traffic control determined the crew had no problems before requesting to land. When the aircraft touched down on the runway it, for unknown reasons, began to unexpectedly veer to the right. Shortly after touching down, the aircraft ran off the runway still at a high rate of speed. The liner impacted an airport vehicle that was transporting cargo, and the right wing had clipped a parked aircraft that was sitting at a terminal. The West Kowenian liner narrowly dodged two other parked aircraft before coming to a rough stop in a set of trees on a hill at the end of the property of the airport. A fire had broken out in the ensuing crash and the flight crew prompted an evacuation from the aircraft.

In all, the liner had 113 people on board: 7 flight crew and 106 passengers. The crash killed 3 members of the flight crew and 12 passengers.

The driver of the airport cargo vehicle, a local Exbrenian man, died after attempts to resuscitate him failed. The other parked aircraft that had been struck by the right wing of the West Kowenian liner was unoccupied at the time.

While it was still grim, some survivors of the crash praised Exbrenian responders for a quick response time that had undoubtedly saved more lives in fighting the fire and providing medical care on scene and transporting seriously injured to the hospital.

Investigators currently say mechanical failure seems to be the largest factor in this crash, and are going through questioning of the co-pilot (as the pilot had died as result of injuries sustained during the crash) and after the flight’s black box was recovered.
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