by Max Barry

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Region: The Hole To Hide In

While the ball game finishes in the Kowenian Islands between Icewindia and Artaecus, the military forces are able to focus back on the environment around them. The Icewindian invasion of part of the islands has not only stressed out the Kowenians living there, but has also continued to see a drastic economic downfall on the Icewindian side of the islands. With many local businesses either moving to the Artaecusian side of the islands or to the mainland Kowenian States, the Icewindian side of the islands is plunging into a recession as the number of jobs decrease and the lack of trade flowing through the nation. The Kowenian Islands, while not having major industries themselves, saw most of their economy as being a staging area for traveling ships from Kowen to the rest of Kalrania. Although now most ships hug the Cervenian coastline to avoid going close to the Icewindians, as a statement from a local Kowenian fishing business that moved to North Kowen to avoid the Icewindian takeover put it: “Icewindia is far too unstable of a nation and there are currently no promises if they are going to allow trade to continue or make trade impossible for the region. Heir aggressive military action wants us to take no chances in losing either our product, or more importantly, our employees.”

Many of the islanders on the Icewindian side of the islands are protesting the presence of Icewindian troops and some are demanding that Icewindia has a partial withdraw and to make promises in order to calm down fleeing businesses and have an attempt to draw businesses back to the region.