by Max Barry

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Region: The Hole To Hide In

RP: Pacification

Our last battle in Arinagrad is happening. So far, nothing has changed. The PNGSK militia is failing, their forces surrounded in Arinagrad. Their grandiosity failed them. Their thoughts have dissolved into nothing more than support of the NL. The TKP forces have surrendered, and only 3 soldiers remain for the PNGSK. They have fallen, and their beliefs failed them. This will be the last you will hear of the Provisional Government. Our nation has succeeded in pacifying the failed nation. Glory to Kynthes!

RP: Reformation

"The name of communism has been tarnished by everyone, and it is popular belief that communism crushes the freedom of our people. We now denounce our ideology of communism, for we have not been doing true communism, and our neighbors have denounced our nation." Said Gatzga Monova. We are officially renouncing the communist ideology. We shall rename our cities and republics, and reform our economy to benefit our workers and artists. We shall improve on our relations of our neighbors.

Glory to Autonomism. Glory to Leftism. Glory to Kynthes!