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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Archron empire

Icewindia wrote:RP: Return Home after while...

Hemlock after visiting his New Siblings and crying a bit for nice words Rose Said would nod. He stayed for a few days before returning to Archron and telling Roma what happened asking him to change Laws because Rose asked him to. This might have unintended consequences in future.....

Etrius Furthermore Hemlock Tries to Open Talks to Repair Relations between nations offering Cultural Exchange.

RP: Guess who's back.

Hemlock appeared out window seeing lighting in distance before looking to his Soldiers and saluting as Tanks and Mechanized Forces roll by on Move. Not for invasion but for preparedness as they moved around the Border Between Icewindia and Northern Horde of north aka "The Cong" to show Icewindia had forces to Invade if they wanted too. These Exersizes were not only for Strength but for training New Mechanized and Tank Divisions and Battalions he was readying against Anglo Invader in East. Though he knew there might be a day he might return here and so he needed to build up Nation to enter Modern Era with a Modern Force. Once Great Wolfinite War was over his real goal he would have to focus on.... he would have to get Preparing For The Endgame.

RP: The National Workers Union

Hemlock authorizes Non-Shinist Unions into the Country even making many Government Unions. However these Unions are Anti-Foreigner and are very much set up to be Pro-State. "The Future of Icewindia is in hands of Worker to build it. It is merely the Businessmen to innovate but the Worker is key to a Great and Strong Modern State. I am No Communist I merely see the Pride and Strength in Union's and for a Strong and Able Population. One lead by an Strong Leader who hopes for an ever stronger People."

The National Workers Unions would also help to weed out the weak. While Intellectuals and most productive were favored. No Lazy Slack or lazy Smuck was tolerated the Weak will die and the Strong, Intelligent and able will survive.

RP: A Matter of Equality and Resolving the Leftist Question.

Hemlock announced that all were Equal as Property. Something that sounded very Monarcho-Socialist however Hemlock's actions told another as Kempetai began a Massive Purge on Leftists in colleges putting a Bullet to "The Traitors of a Fair society" and placing Pro-Capitalist Intellectuals and Monarchists in positions.

RP: Roma pressures the government

Upon hearing Roses request, Roma would get to work. Roma would begin threating the advisors of treason if they refused to aid in the former Kaiserins request. To their will, they agreed and would have the legitimacy of Hemlock changed. Hemlock was now the blood borther to Roma and the biological son of Rose, by law

RP: Roma to meet with the Etrian queen

Not having seen his mother in a very long time, he would travel to Etrius to meet his siblings and to privately, request to talk with Natalia.