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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Hemlock's visit is already a test of relations, the nation as a whole has been deemed too unstable with their constant regime changes and seen unfit to trade since they not only provide next to no unique resources but also have not fulfilled a single obligation set forth in previous agreements. All of this is not taking into account the kidnapping of the queen herself when she was granted status as a protected guest or the recent use of their betrayal of the Federation as a nationalist warcry.

The Royal family themselves have also proven unable to display consistant policies abroad, with only Empress Wolfy of the Werewolf Islands seen as a stable and level headed figure, though with her ousting and subsequent war against the Winter throne, the treaty that was signed between she and Etrius to bring peace has been scrapped. No active fighting is to take place from Natalia's side, but as things stand improvement of relations is impossible until more stability can be displayed.