by Max Barry

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Region: The Hole To Hide In

RP: Protests at the Capitol

After the Racial Equality Party was announced as having illegal policies under the current Constitution and not allowed to run in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections, hundreds have taken to the capitol to protest. Shortly before the protest began, the Chairman of the party encouraged the people of Windardia to protest the decision by the government. Most of these protestors are humans, outraged by what they call another anti-human act by the almost entirely Elvish government.
Windardia is mostly inhabited by elves, with around 90-95% of the population being elves. Humans have long felt oppressed by the ruling elves. This was the exact reason why the Human Liberation Front was founded. The Human Liberation Front, or HLF for short, is a human nationalist political party that has(interestingly enough) been allowed to run in the upcoming elections. The HLF has also heavily criticized the decision to bar the Racial Equality Party (REP) from running. These protests may earn the HLF more seats in the election than previously expected. The last prediction for the Parliamentary Elections predicted the HLF to have only 1 seat, but recently political commentators and election predictors predict the HLF will earn around 7-10 seats in the 63 seat Parliament.
As the protests rage on in the capitol, the Windardian News Broadcasting Network (WNBN) has pledged to report on any new details in the situation.