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Srednjaci wrote:RP : Summit "Three roads one goal" review

The Ministry of Enterprise Administration and Public Procurement, the Ministry of Economy approved licenses to all registered companies from Saint Shokai and Raspotochje to operate in the territory of DR Srednjaci and who participated in the summit "Three roads one goal"
DR Srednjaci companies have signed contracts worth 2 billion Dalats with companies from neighboring countries participating in the summit.
The state is interested in passenger planes from Saint Shokai and Raspotochje.
We invite civil aircraft companies from Raspotochje and Saint Shokai. We ask companies to send us offers for large passenger planes 250 passengers two pieces, 200 passengers - three planes, from 100-150 passengers - 3 planes.
Remember that the contracts are secret and send a telegram and after the vote the best offer will be made public.

RP: Raspotochje sent a offer by telegram

Raspotochje sent an offer for the requested planes to DR Srednjaci
The summit "Three roads one goal" ended extremely successfully.
The companies from Raspotochje have concluded business contracts worth 1.3 billion Oronto, which is a great result.
Republic of Raspotochje orders 5 boats from Torpedo from DR Srednjaci 2 container ships, 1 oil tanker, 2 passenger ships.
The Republic of Raspotochje reciprocally licenses companies from DR Srednjaci to perform activities in the territory of Raspotochje.