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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Archron empire

RP: The age of Music continues

While the age of Music in Archron has begun to take a decline, a new surge has risen to combat the decline. Archian "pop" as many call it, has taken a large rise. With many artists speaking in Archian with their high and low beats and largely bass focused music. Post Collapse has slowly begun to phase out as this Pop and new edition of "Archian grunge" has taken the country by storm. Archian Grunge mostly focusing on the mental and emotional problems fueled by a heavy bass and guitar presence. However, this development has caused a large advancement in Music and competition between genres. However, other nations are not safe from this movement. East evvia would begin to receive Archian music influence. Such as the pop and grunge music beginning to reference East Evvia as the "little siblings" of Archron. being the hit of a few popular songs.

RP: Machinism and Christianity take dominance

As the music begins to alter Archron in one way, Religion takes it in another. Machinism, by popularity, has claimed Western Archron. The old Zekeian lands mostly. Shinism and Solism has been ousted to New sedran. Christianity has taken the original provinces of Archron. SOlism, being more tolerated, is allowed to survive. However, without the lack of a goddess that originally supported the Shinist Archians, many have abandoned the religion and have moved to Machinism. Machinism, has already begun to spread influence into Eastern Arcchron. Mostly on coasts and inner cities. Christianity has begun o push back with the evangelical movements and evidence of speaking in tongues, which has driven many Archians away from Machinism. From this event, Many Machinist Archians have begun to flee to Artaecus, Woleve Atraland, and Schwypia