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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Athejia wrote:RP: Assault

Faith: "Current estimates put their numbers at... just over half a million, the majority of the enemy has already left and made their way to attack our front lines. If Esolda and a detachment of angels can draw enough attention in the center of the city, our ground forces would be able to enter much more easily. Here is some data based on reports from our infantry regarding the enemy."

She slides over a stone tablet, the details point to naval bombardment being the most effective weapon, with magic being second, and melee weapons being third. Firearms would be the ideal choice of course, but with visibility being the way it is they have been relegated to a secondary role. Riflemen would only shoot enemies that other soldiers were engaging in hand to hand combat with, or else blind firing into the mist whenever possible.

Reticence: "Individually they are as easy to kill as any other human, but the issue is in their speed and agility since they can close distances very quickly. Considering that Arcadia was home to around 700 million people if even only a quarter of that number was corrupted we would still be drowning in the enemy, thankfully alot of civilians were able to escape."

RP: Idea

Esolda looks to map and nods.

Esolda:"My Dragon Flame should be able to clear some mist briefly however I need Detachment stationed in Buildings or on my back. Afterall Im going to be very popular and itl be hard for me to differentiate Angel to Monster when Im in the Moment of Battle in Dragon Form."

Nonadia wrote:RP: The Beginning of the Nonadian Population Crisis

Today at 4:02 P.M the Nonadian Government celebrated that 4 billion people officially were citizens of Nonadia. Citizens of major cities such as San Lata, Topago, and Arville weren't such big fans of this news. Nonadian citizens had always noticed the declining GDP per capita and as the average income became noticeably alot worse in the biggest cities. Nonadia used to be praised, but now, it was developing completely backwards. Nonadia was falling into a third world nation despite it being technologically advanced.

Military spending didn't help this. For years money was being poured into the military while the nation got poorer. And with the recent expansion of the Third Imperial Navy, it could get worse. Capitalism slightly helped the economy, but not the extent the government wanted it too. To add on to this, the Government continued to ignore the signs that Nonadia was heading towards a third world nation. And now the nation was going head first into the crisis.

Crowding people in certain areas such as major cities wasn't helping, but the Government also knew the affect it would have on major cities if they encouraged citizens to move out. The Nonadian Congress was stuck in a dilemma and there was no way to get out of it. With two options;

Either jeopardize the future of major cities by encouraging citizens to move out.

Or continue to kick the can down the road and expand major cities, the easy way out.

But congress also knew that kicking the can down the road would only force them to wait for the problem to come again. And so, after a long session in the Senate and a close vote of 254 - 246, the Nonadian government chose to kick the can down the road and wait for the problem to come back to them, so that way they have time to think about the best solution. Major backlash came from the public on this decision, and around 500,000 people came to the city of San Lata to protest the decision which lasted a few hours.

With backlash, Congress held a popular vote, something never seen in decades. It came back that 61%, mostly people in suburbs, were not a fan of the decision. And so now the Senate had to withdraw the decision and was stuck back in the dilemma. The Senate had no more ideas and was now stuck. With the future of Nonadia on the line, they had to do something.

RP: Uuuuuuh

Prime Minister Alaz Jakson requests to talk with Empress Emily in a diplomatic meeting before making a choice on whether to renew the FTA or not.

RP: Living Space?

Emperor Hemlock wished to speak to Nonadian leader about possibility of getting it more Living Space.

Kowenian Islands
RP: Beach ball End?

200,000 Strong Army in Kowenian Islands with some Playing Beach Ball with Artae Troops is noted. Emperor Hemlock however wondered if Game was over yet to finish Esolda's Bet. So he could pay for Half Kowenian Islands that technically Artae doesn't own but he wanted legitimacy for taking Islands after-all Free Money is Free Money.