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Region: The Hole To Hide In

Fiercewood wrote:{ RP | Supporting Actions }

The mentioning of Sword Saint Piety would peak the interests of one of the members of the Xin-Fael team standing at guard within the tent, a young sergeant of the Hang ethnicity. He would quickly return to his stone-faced expression. A slight grin would appear across the lips of the ever-aware Captain Elinsore before she addressed the gathering of Sword Saints and Esolda.

Captain Elinsore: "While that isn't a terrible plan, perhaps it would be better to understand the current situation in Pontif. Assuming these things can even be taken down by bullets and rockets, do we know the current enemy numbers within the city?"


RP: Assault

Faith: "Current estimates put their numbers at... just over half a million, the majority of the enemy has already left and made their way to attack our front lines. If Esolda and a detachment of angels can draw enough attention in the center of the city, our ground forces would be able to enter much more easily. Here is some data based on reports from our infantry regarding the enemy."

She slides over a stone tablet, the details point to naval bombardment being the most effective weapon, with magic being second, and melee weapons being third. Firearms would be the ideal choice of course, but with visibility being the way it is they have been relegated to a secondary role. Riflemen would only shoot enemies that other soldiers were engaging in hand to hand combat with, or else blind firing into the mist whenever possible.

Reticence: "Individually they are as easy to kill as any other human, but the issue is in their speed and agility since they can close distances very quickly. Considering that Arcadia was home to around 700 million people if even only a quarter of that number was corrupted we would still be drowning in the enemy, thankfully alot of civilians were able to escape."