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Region: The Hole To Hide In


    The near-year of negotiations finally come to an end. A possible exit deal is forged by the Evacasian foreign ministry, and it seems the imminent departure of KERU is finally about to take place.

    A mix of relief and fear is felt in equal amounts. The highly anticipated and long overdue deal would be released, but at the same time, Evacasia's long and fruitful membership of KERU brought huge success and development. With all that gone, what is left for the people? What is left for the nation?

    Nonetheless it must be gone ahead with. The following proposals are sent to KERU; if agreed upon, they will take affect immediately.

    • Evacasia, and the autonomous Republic of TÝrnua, will no longer be considered members of KERU.

    • Evacasia will depart the customs union and single market. Over a period of 10 years, tariffs will be slowly re-imposed.

    • The Kalro will be fazed out over a period of 10 years. It will be replaced by Evacasia's former currency, the Sovereign.

    • All KERU citizens in Evacasia have a period of 3 years to either register citizenship or return to their countries. If they do not do either of these within that time, they will be considered illegal immigrants.

    • The joint scientific database and KERUSI program will continue with Evacasia. However, Evacasia withholds the ability to withdraw from them at any point.

    Dwarf Land4, Artaecus, Etrius, Khosrau

    The Charlesland wrote:RP: New Relations

    In light of the recent and ongoing conflicts in the region, members of the Charlesian government have expressed concerns over the safety of commerce within the Sea of Pontricare.
    Following a televised address by president FabrŔga, diplomatic delegations have been sent to the neighbouring Saint Shokai and Evacasia to establish relations and explore possibilities of land trade-routes. Additional delegations were sent to Srednjaci, Windardia and Rekken to establish relations.

    The Charlesland is a modern nation, the Charlesians are known for their colourful and poetic use of language, perhaps to the amusement of others.

    All of these delegation are preceded by troubadours adorning traditional Medieval attire, singing poems and songs of courtly love and the praise of mythical heroes of old.

    They come bearing fragrant bouquets and essences of lavender,
    the scents of which brings one to the sunny lavender fields amidst majestic mountains.
    They bring delicacies such as the sweet c˛camel, a traditional honey pastries,
    and some of the countries' finest foie gras and most savorous of
    cheeses (the latter of which pleases some senses and not others).
    More importantly however, the delegations bears world renown Charlesian wines,
    arriving in quantities deemed excessive even by Charlesian standards.
    The wines are selected from the finest vintages across each of the country's regions,
    the taste of which serenades one's palette and enamours the soul (and are proven to be healthy for the heart).

    The Charlesland awaits with impatience to establish diplomatic ties with its neighbours.

    The delegation are welcomed into Evacasia, meeting Evacasia's own diplomats in the southern city of Rettungsleine. They are given a quick tour of the old city, and are offered gifts of traditional Evacasian and TÝrnuan food.

    Now that Evacasia will soon be independent of KERU foreign policy, a bright future of close relations with the western neighbour is looked forward to.

Antekuna and Dwarf Land4