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Archron empire

Icewindia wrote:Archron empire
RP: Reluctantly Repairing Relations.

Hemlock arrived to mainly see Rose but upon seeing his new Step-Siblings he was surprised and happy. He however did ask Rose the question since while family mostly accepted him there was never a Legal Confirmation nor a Confirmation from Rose. "Am I your Adopted Son?" he would shyly ask like that young Boy thrusted in Spartan core all so long ago.

Furthermore Hemlock would be Reluctantly Repairing Relations only to "Keep in touch" with Family. While this seems family centered it has opened an Opportunity for Diplomats to squeeze in discussion to repair relations.

RP: Marriage Problems. (Secret)

Once it came to ears that Napoleon was either dead or missing Catherine was pretty annoyed at Hemlock. Two were close to a Divorce however with Queen-Admiral expected another Child Hemlock reluctantly kept marriage going however despite there Problems two Remained Close Friends and relationship was Complicated at best. However Hemlock made it very clear that Synths were going to remain Property and that There will never be another Zekeian Incident or any... Knockoffs tolerated.

He Let Synths out of Deija and put them back to the Factory's to Work with Factory Resets and all. However being smart little cookie he has Programmed Synths start up a Resistance Group to gain Trust of other Rouge Synth Groups and lour them in where he plans to kill the Entire Resistance Leadership in one go. For Now he must return to Front-lines and lead Troops.

RP: Always have been a Son

Rose, upon hearing Hemlocks question, would ask everyone to leave the room. Once everyone was gone, Rose would ask Hemlock to kneel before her. He would do so ((Kaiser has given me permission to do this)). Rose would place her hand on his cheek. Her warm hand would emplace Roses all over his cheek.

[Rose] “You have always been my boy. You and Roma both. You can tell Roma you aren’t my stepson, you are mine. Get him to do some... favors to get you changed by law, since it isn’t already. As for Etrius, I think you should strive to fix relations. I can do some talking to Natalia later. But, thank you for coming here.”

She would smile, and rest