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Region: The Western Isles

Hyukai wrote:Good day Ainslie! I just sent you a telegram on what we could do next for the crash. Hope you received it and have a great day!

Gday! No need to tell me that i have a telegram - I get a notification for it first thing I log into the site. If I don't respond quickly at the moment it probably means I'm asleep :)

Trigel wrote:I know your talking to Ainslie, but what crash?

plane crash

Trigel wrote:Does anyone know how I can claim/attack an unclaimed island

there's a lot we'd need to work out first before you think about claiming or attacking unclaimed islands.

Balnik wrote:As a region, and I think I speak for most of us, we would rather see large, in depth and well written news posts on the thread rather than quick fire articles on your dispatches. It's just easier that way, you'll burn yourself up if you try to write a paper every day. Better conserve that creative energy for larger more substantial posts. If you do feel the need to quick fire some stuff, why not use the TWItter thread? It's perfectly set up for that sort of thing.

100% this