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Region: The Western Isles

Ahh, just finished my first proper newspaper (not really proper)

Hyukaian Airliner Goes Missing

Cappareus - Last night at around 1:40 AM Air Traffic Controllers directed Lacoa Flight 417 southwest. From there, the Yakalov 44 will go into a communication dead zone for 2 hours until being in contact with Ainslie Controllers and land at Arnton at about 5:45 AM. However by 3:45 AM (Which Flight 417 is supposed to be in contact with Ainslie) it is still missing. This morning at 7 AM Prime Minister Max Akita Jr declared it a national emergency. According to experts and Controllers, they think that something happened onboard at around 2-3 AM when the aircraft was flying near Eurania. Hyukaian Search and Rescue ships have been deployed along with some private ships. Corsitilia reportedly agreed to send some ships as well and donated some investigators to help Hyukai. However, the search has only been permitted on international waters and is unable to search other nations waters. More news will be shared with the public later.

Dr Reichner says vaccine for Eterna Rash is ready for testing

Kaita - Well known medical professor and doctor Herman Reichner says that the vaccine for a well known rash in the Eterna area is ready to be tested. "It is exciting. After years of research and study we have found a vaccine to end this terrible disease. We have about a hundred volunteers from the Eterna area mostly from Hyukai and Essena. If this is successful, it would be a giant leap for mankind and science!", Dr Reicher said during an interview yesterday. However, this morning some protestors took to the streets in San Miguela, Cappareus and there various cities. "This is crazy!", one protestor said,"We're not lab rats and we demand this vaccine to be cancelled! I know it may cause an increase in Eterna Rash cases but it will be better than being injected by who knows what is in there." Then he started scratching his hand furiously walked away without realising he has a rash all over his body.

Kanto Manto closes after financial crisis

Santa Miguela - The famous furniture store Kanto Manto has declared bankruptcy and closure on Sunday after a 2 year long crisis. As most Hyukaians know Kanto Manto is famous for its high quality furniture products. Formed in 2004 by two drop-out college students, it grew to become Hyukai's largest shop and at one point expanded to other countries such as Thromsa and Einnstadt. However starting 2018, less customers came because of an increase in other shops such as MiFurniture and went bankrupt earlier this week. "We tried at least.", said Co Founder Stephen McBurry during a live television interview with us. "However we are still going to make another business probably not furniture. I want to make a supermarket but lets hope no one steals the idea." Then he slapped his forehead and stormed off the tv interview.

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