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Region: The Western Isles

Hyukai wrote:Reminds me, Iím pretty sure there is a TWI Olympics or something I saw earlier

There's a TWI football tournament:

Ainslie wrote:Does your nation have a mens football team - are they trash? Then join the Isles cup! Are they pretty decent/good? Also join the Isles cup.

Sign ups and more information here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=496922

And there is the NS Olympics coming up in a few days, which I'm going to be competing in.

Trigel wrote:I think I can do it

Hosting multi-sport events is hard. You're welcome to try, but you should think figure out how you're going to do it first. The NS Olympics are so difficult to run that only experienced sports RPers are allowed to host them. I don't see that a TWI Olympics will be any easier.