by Max Barry

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Region: Conch Kingdom

I would like to thank the Minister for his work in running this election. I imagine that receiving 40 telegrams/DMs from people is not an easy task, and it's honorable to stay impartial during the process altogether. I think it speaks to the strength of our electoral system that we had two wonderful and competent candidates running for Minister of Domestic Affairs and Prime Minister. It was my pleasure to see that they had been elected, and I strongly believe that they can and will fulfill all of their duties of office.

This is not my first rodeo. In fact, I ran as Minister of Foreign Affairs in January of 2018. It is the case that very few, if any, people I know from that time remain active in government. That being said, I am proud of the work I did then. I am proud of the community I helped, in some small part, to build. I strongly hope that I will be able to achieve more yet this term. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is very dear to my heart, as someone who has always been strongly integrated with the NationStates community as a whole.

It is wonderful that our past ministers have worked so closely with the United Regions Alliance. It is a testament to Conch Kingdom's greatness and cohesiveness that we are the largest voting member in that alliance! As MoFA, I pledge that I will not cease to fight for Conch Kingdom's interests there. I will work with the current President, and former holder of this office, Suvmia, to ensure that Conch Kingdom's voice is heard, and I will very, very shortly make an appointment to replace our voting member therein.

But I will fight further. We are one of the largest UCRs in this game. We have been in the top 10 for endorsements this entire year. There is no reason we should not be aggressive, bold, and open to our community. We must ensure Conch Kingdom is known for the wonderful community it is.

Our foreign service is also in need of grave reform. I have surveyed the many members, and of them, very few wish to remain on. It has been neglected in an unacceptable manner, and I vow that we can find a job for many, if not all, residents of Conch Kingdom who desire to represent us abroad. It is my commitment to you that if you wish to participate in some form in the Foreign Service, I will not turn you away. Strength in government is based on popular participation.

I would like, finally, to acknowledge that I am elected by the people, held accountable to the people, and that I must fight for the people. My telegrams and private messages are always open to my constituents. I will respond within the day to any query related to foreign affairs you have. It is in that spirit that I promise: no back-doors deals. Anything I am doing with regards to developing relations with another region will be posted both on discord, and in a dispatch recording my memos that I will link shortly once the administration of the Augustin Alliance server gives me access to the round table channel.

I conclude my address with nothing less than a thank you. Thank you to those who voted for me, and thank you to those who proudly expressed yourself by voting against me. I promise I will represent all of you. I hope that, when my term is concluded, that everyone I represent will have said I would have voted for her, because she performed faithfully her duties and heard what I had to say.

An auspicious day to you all, Conch Kingdom.

-Gibraltarica, Minister of Foreign Affairs