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Region: Where the future is behind the moon

Nagaramarin pi

[color=2b539e]Even on the worst of nights there's a big blue moon calling to you. It's light silhouettes the spirit and carries it away, to a star empire never heard of. Behind the moon there is a place for you in future time.[/color]
[hr][color=#6A5ACD]We're Building an Army[/color] ; [color=#6A5ACD]Regional Government[/color] ; [color=#6A5ACD]Regional Lore[/color] ; [color=#6A5ACD]Form a Guild[/color] ; [color=#6A5ACD]We haz rp[/color] ; [color=#6A5ACD]Discord[/color]
Assist us in becoming the largest region on ns. =)

[color=#6A5ACD]Endorse our current Delegate Kevoro![/color] [color=#6A5ACD]News[/color]
3/19. Kevoro has been elected as our new Delegate. All WA nations are required to endorse him post-haste.
4/16. The court system has been formally introduced as per the latest draft.