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Region: Council of Constructed Languages

-Astoria- wrote:Where are my language isolate gang at?

*Proud isolateur raising hand*

My current main language Kuerhyét was meant to be an isolate, but I'm considering making my newest language, Inna, a distant relation, so they will constitute a small family instead of being isolates. None of them have IRL relatives, though they are inspired by certain language families and areas.. I strive to make sure they're not too close to them though.

I don't have much patience for diachronics, so I mostly do isolates. I tend towards SAE-ish phonology systems (with just a balanced few oddities thrown in) and either only slightly more analytic or synthetic than your average IE-lang - never fully isolating nor polysynthetic. In those regards I might (somewhat shamefully, I admit) consider myself amongst the IE(ish) conlanger crew.