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Region: Selene

2120 SC In Review: With Parliament working slowly and the nation chugs along, the Xemptoworth administration might have broken some records last year.

In 2120 SC (Selenid Calendar) the Xemptoworth administration allowed 4.1 million people to immigrate due to new legislation making it easier to do so. The Empress also worked hard with Parliament to pass the Marijuana Legalization act, making it legal to ingest the plant in any way, but if tampered with by growers, fines of 50,000 Astrons could be implemented. The cannabis industry boomed while oil and coal are being phased out. This last year, the FE announced that it would be signing an international climate agreement with NPN's (nonplayer Nations) to decrease carbon emissions by 43% by Selenid Year 2150. This previous year, the FE achieved 2% of that within the first 4 months.

Record amounts of rainfall ended the Central FE drought. Hurricanes and thunderstorms in the central part of the nation led to flooding late last year. Climate change has to do with that. The FE may have low emissions, but it is our job to continue to set the bar for other nations and show them how strong the FEEPA is funded.

The FE is now entering a golden Era of peace and alliance. Happy New Year to the People! FENN News.