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Region: Council of Constructed Languages

Richtlant wrote:If duu zeeh ot Kovanis flak fra distans, es zeeh hva tuu vajt kulät bindet op ej vajt buue po ej svar bakgrunt.

If you look at Kowani's flag from distance, it looks like two white balls joined by a white arch on a black background.

You're right! Mind blown XD

I assume the fist in your flag is the BLM fist Kowani? (I think I've seen it outside of that context as well, but recently it seems to be exclusively connected to BLM).

-Astoria- wrote:I accidentally left out the 'it' in the translations; it in this case avoiding having to repeat a word, ie "Have you read the book?" 'Yes, I have read it.'

I sleep would just be sérn él.

Ah ok, so nothing unusual going on with the transitivity then. :)