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Region: Anteria

The veritian empire

The Veritian Emperor has passed a new legislation concerning the VNDF. It reads as follows:
'The VNDF (Veritian National Defence Force) shall become the new Counter-Terrorist Force of The Veritian Empire. It will replace the VSF (Veritian Special Forces) by orders of The Veritian Emperor himself, Jaimev Nikolaevych Restez.


Section 1. The VSF shall be disbanded on the 1rst of May, 2021. The most elite soldiers in the unit will go on to serve in the VNDF, while the rest will either be relieved from duty or will also go on to serve in the VNDF if they wish to.
Section 2. Those in the VSF who are relieved from duty will be able to live in a small apartment bought for by The Veritian Governmen if they wish to. This means that The Veritian Government will pay all the rent and taxes for the individual until they find a suitable job. If they aren't able to find a sustainable job in a year, then the Government will forced to cancel all its rent and tax payments for the individual, meaning they themselves will have to pay the rent and taxes.
Section 3. The VNDF will officially become the Counter-Terrorist Force of The Veritian Empire on the 1rst of May 2021.
Section 4. The VNDF will be made up of the most elite soldiers in The Veritian Military which have been picked by top ranking military officials and soldiers from the VSF who wished to be part of the VNDF will also serve in the unit.
Section 5. The VNDF will take part in a number of key operations including counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, direct action and covert reconnaissance.
Section 6. The VNDF will be commanded by General Ivan Victor Artimovich, who will have complete command of the unit. The VNDF will have ten operational squadrons, each one consisting of one hundred men. Each squadron will be commanded by a Major. A squadron will also be devided into five troops, each one being commanded by a Captain.'