by Max Barry

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Region: Anteria

This is slightly altered to make this more appropriate for younger Kistolians and children
Murder in Hesoluo
A Kistolian named Ensda Fensei came into his home in Hesoluo to find his wife and 2 kids murdered inside his living room. All of the bodies were chopped into pieces. He called law enforcement, and they arrived a couple minutes later. When the police arrived, they found Ensda dead in the same room. The police searched the house and found no one. The KNDI is searching for the culprit. Kistolia has stated that Hesoluo is now under CRA level 3

Citizen Readiness Alert (CRA)
Level 1: No danger
Level 2: Beware of public places, especially at night
Level 3: Take a lot of precautions to keep yourself safe, try not to leave the house a lot
Level 4: try to limit yourself to 1-2 rooms in your house, containing enough food and water to last up to at least 2 weeks
Level 5: Evacuate the city as quick as possible