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Region: Anteria

Valcouria wrote:Imperial diplomats will be dispatched to Juche City to prepare for the establishment of foreign relations between the two nations. Said diplomats will be accredited by the Foreign Ministry to serve as ministers plenipotentiary until the formal establishment of embassies.

The Hadian Juche News Network

The expected arrival of Valcourian diplomats should be within a couple of days. The beloved Hadian Imperial Advisory has booked the entire Juche Tower Hotel in Cheldian City to accommodate our foreign visitors. The Hadian Imperial Advisor of Foreign Affairs, Oleg Bychkov and along with Hadian's Imperial Advisor of Internal Affairs, Mikhail Viktorovich will be the first to greet our welcoming guest. It is expected our glorious and great God-Emperor Jon will attend to meet the Valcourian diplomats within the couple of days after their arrival.

The Hadian Government plans to discuss diplomacy such as embassies and Arctic research of ice cores with Valcourian diplomats along with Hadian access to Valcourian ports to continue Arctic research within their sphere of the world. Our beloved Juche Empire are descendents of a God race that once lived in Hyperborea a land beyond the North Winds. Current Ice core samples have given us a window into the past of our superiority amongst the other races.

**(Note to those following: Hadian has found nothing but just ice but will go to any length to prove they are the Master Race in the world. Including false and out right lies to fit their narrative of Hadianism.)**