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Golden lotus concluded, New Sebronia victorious
With the end of 2020, just few hours before the end of the year, Golden lotus competition ended with the conclusion of the best results. Special congratulations goes to New Sebronia and their movie "The Second Dimension", which won the first place.
The description of the movie reads: The Second Dimension is about a young man called Dave Greenheart, who found a weird amulet which made him able to switch between different dimensions, which housed different worlds, people, and species. Unfortunately because of a bad guy wanting that amulet attacking Dave, the amulet (still in Dave's possession) got seriously damaged, which forced Dave to be stuck between two dimensions; the reality and some ghost dimension that revealed a different "level" of the reality. Basically, he could interact with the ghost figures while still being in the reality. And now he has to get out and defeat that bad guy.
Thank each of you, who submitted something, I know those last weeks had been frantic and don't be sad, that you weren't the one who won, you still have a perfectly worldbuilt movie you made yourself!
Link to the poster that was submitted:

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