by Max Barry

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Region: Anteria

Emerate Island, San Calia
SCSP Center, Mission Control Building
Time 8:00 PM

Nearly everyone gathered around one of the screens, staring at it.
On the screen showed a camera onboard the Command Module showing Lewis staring down through a telescope.
After a minute, one of the mission controllers pressed a button, bringing the screen up onto one of the main big screens.

Command Pilot Lewis: "Im coming up on they're last known position now...I still have no eyes on them."
Flight Control John Lex "Keep looking Lewis, you should be able to see something from up there."
Command Pilot Lewis: "Im looking, its- Wait, Wait there it is! I see the lander through the telescope."

The camera on board switch to one looking down through the scope, giving everyone watching a look at the lander. The sight shows the lander in the middle of a rocky area.

Command Pilot Lewis: "I-I uh...I dont see any movement down there, Its hard to see anything down there from this altitude."
Flight Controller John Lex: "Its alright Lewis, its good to know where they are at least."

John gets up and heads back up into the office to see the group from before.
Slowly walking up the staircase towards the office room.
He stops at the top, looking back at the screens, seeing the LEM disappear out of sight of the telescope camera.
He shivers a little from the thought that might be the last time anyone would ever see the crew again.
He sighs and shakes his head, opening up the office door and entering

John Lex: "It has been over 24 hours, and we found the LEM landing sight. Lewis said that it looks like they came down in an extremely rocky area."
Franklin Ciacca: "Good Good, At least we know where they are."
Sabastian Ciacca: "So...Is there any final plans for this..?"
Daniel Banes: "There is no way to rescue any one from the Lunar Surface."
John Lex: "Right, we are planning on calling Lewis back earlier than expected."
Daniel Banes: "It light be hard but he can solo fly it back, most of it is automated anyway."
John Lex: "Ill break the news to Lewis."

John stood up and looked at the time, the clock read 8:15.
He opens the office door and walks towards the communications chair, picking up his head set and putting it on.

John Lex: "Comms, try a few more times...Just to be sure at this point."
Communications: "Copy that Flight."
Communications: "Orion 17 Lunar, This Is Comms, do you copy?"

Nothing but static.

Communications: "Orion 17 Lunar, This Is Comms, do you Copy? Over"
Command Module Pilot: "Comms, do you hear that..?"
Communications: "Say again Orion 17 Orbital?"
????:....."Lunar Base...Copy? Over."
????:.."Ion 17 Lunar Base, Anyone Copy? Over."

Nearly everyone sat up in their chairs and look over at the Communication Officer.

Communications: "Orion 17 Lunar Base? Henry, Ben, is that you?!"
Commander Henry: "That is correct Comms, we just want to say, we are down, safe and sound..."

Suddenly all of the screens start lighting back up, showing information being sent from the LEM and the moon.

Commander Henry: "We may have clipped a boulder or two, but we are upright with no hull damage. We can stick around on the moon for the New Year still."
Communications: "Well thats great to hear! You scared a whole lot of people down here, Everyone is glad to hear your voice again!"
Lunar Pilot Ben: "I think I got the camera working Henry."

With that, the camera flickered and buzzed, showing the LEM leaning heavily against a boulder, one of the landing legs having been ripped off. Ben Begins to hop back towards the LEM, showing Henry on top of the LEM, fixing the antenna on the roof.

Commander Henry: "We may have been roughed up with the landing, but Ben and I have done a full ship assessment, only the decent module seems to have been damaged, so we can stay for the New Year."

Everyone in the space center clap and breath a sigh of relief, John smiles and chuckles lightly. Pretty much collapsing into his chair, huffing heavily with relief

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