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Region: Anteria

Nicersdah's End of the Year address from 7 hrs ago (posted then on the discord):
"I know this address will be significantly different this year due to my first announcement, but first, i would like to congratulate our people for the excellent bravery, courage, and strength it took to get through the end of this year. I would like to give a moment of silence for those fallen in our recent strife.
Now the announcements i will keep short. On the 26th we will hold the first ever Nicersdahn Election. Next, the rebuilding effort is beginning as the government hires builders to help reconstruct Corinamax and strengthen it to international standards. On other news, the council (NNC) has agreed 14-1 to join the Anterian Free Trade Organization. Finally, the NNC wishes to report the opening of the International Embassy Tower, the building of a tower that will hold the ambassadors of all of Anteria, something which was agreed upon on a close 8-6 vote.
That will be all, and i wish the Nicersdahian people and the people of the world a happy New Year!"
- Head Minister Nalengal Benatrov

Junterland, Kistolia, and The veritian empire