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Region: Anteria

New Years In Fallooplesburg!

“Hello, I’m Olivia Ochsenbein, and welcome back to Courier News. The team and I are very happy to be back on air in time for the new year. The Civil War left the whole crew a bit scattered as some of us were drafted and others had to flee their homes to avoid the fighting. But now that it’s over we’re back giving you news on all the important happenings in Fallooplesburg! Obviously this year has been very difficult for some and for the country as a whole. We wish everyone a very happy new year which preparations for celebrations of have started across the country. All state capitals and major cities of Fallooplesburg are having firework shows, including a large one in Belem, many citizens have been flying to Belem to see the show. And we’re actually here right now, so stay tuned if you want to see that in a few minutes the Queen will be broadcasting an end of year address to the whole country. And we’ll switch to that now.”

The channel switches to a broadcast of an office, facing towards a podium put in front of Fallooplesburgian flags. Some light chatter is heard in the background until the queen begins speaking

“Hello, I’d like to start this broadcast with a moment of silence for those who lost their lives during the war.” the room stays silent for a moment “With the death of Raymond von Aegir III, the creation of the NCSE, joining the Southern Anterian Defense Alliance, the assassination of Noah von Ailmir that ultimately resulted in civil war, and the following reconstruction plans including the creation of the Anterian Free Trade Organization. This year has been the highest of highs and the lowest of lows for Fallooplesburg in a long time, but it’s no use dwelling on the past. The only thing we can do is make our future brighter. See you all in 2021 enjoy the fireworks.”

The broadcast cuts again, and switches to the fireworks show over Belem

Happy New Year!