by Max Barry

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Region: Anteria

San Calian Space Program, Emerate Island, Mission Control Building
Time: 12:15PM
Weather: Clear

Communications: Orion 17 Lunar...Do you Copy? Over...

The Communication Officer sighs and sits back in his chair, rubbing the sides of his head. He had been up since 6:00 AM yesterday. With the possible loss of Orion 17, he hadnt been able to get out of his chair.

Communications: "Hey..Orion 17 Orbit, Can you try again to reach the LEM..?"
Command Module Pilot Lewis: "Of Course, Comms, I'll try and reach them, you get some rest."
Communications: "Thanks Lewis...Sorry about this."
Command Module Pilot Lewis: "Orion 17 Lunar, This is Lewis, You hear Me?"

The Communications Officer leans back and closes his eyes for a few minutes, catch a quick rest before attempting anything he can with contact.
Over in another office, Flight Control John Lex, Lunar Module Officer Frank Ciacca, Chief Lunar Scientist Sabastian Ciacca, and Chief Rocket Designer Daniel Banes sit down in their respected chairs.
John continues to look at the screens, hoping for anything to show up.

Franklin Ciacca: "John, Listen, you need to pay attention, I know this is stressful but Sabastian and I have gone over the data before loss of contact...Its..Well, Not good.
John Lex: "Is it possible the LEM exploded?"
Franklin Ciacca: "Highly unlikely, if the LEM had exploded, the data would've spiked to emergency levels, not just...Disappear like it did here."
Daniel Banes: "So they crashed."

Franklin sighs and nods at Daniel

Franklin Ciacca: "Its the most likely answer."
Sabastian Ciacca: "Well, they were getting low on fuel at the LOS moment, so they are down."
John Lex: "This plating on the LEM is so thin, you can punch a hole in it with a pair of scissors."
Daniel Banes: "Well...At Least they were in their suits, they could've survived a breach of the hull.."
Franklin Ciacca: "That is true, they could be still alive up there."
John Lex: Franklin, They have about 5 hours of oxygen in those suits alone, by now...well..If there wasnt a breach, they might possibly be alive up there, but if there was, they should be long dead by now.

Suddenly the Communications Officer barges into the office, nearly breaking the door.

Communication Officer: "John, We have another problem here."