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Region: The Leftist Assembly

State of the Legislature

Dear Comrades,

We entered the term of the 19th General Assembly with a very interesting lineup of MGAs. This included 4 MGAs retaining their position from the 18th GA, 2 cabinet members in the 1st Greylyn Cabinet and 1 Justice from the 18th Supreme Court. Taking into consideration the experienced GA lineup as well as the outstanding performance by the previous GA, there is most definitely a high expectation from Assemblians on this GA to perform well. Even with three of our MGAs taking up positions in the 1st Kavagrad Cabinet, Iím glad to say that this GA has lived up to its expectations. Throughout the course of the term, 14 pieces of legislation were passed, a number surpassed only by the 18th GA and equaled by the 16th GA. Out of the 14 pieces of legislation passed, 5 of them are constitution amendments, which breaks the previous record of 3 constitution amendments in a single term, an impressive feat considering how hard it is to find changes for the constitution. In addition to that, the 19th GA also saw, for the very first time in regional history, a legislative queue that was never empty. While there are other factors such as my own inefficiency as a Speaker, regional holidays, site events and the bulk of it being constitution amendments, a large part of the success goes to the people who enabled it to happen, which can largely be separated into three groups.

The first group of people that made the success possible are the legislators who constantly look for change and push for improvements to our laws. I personally feel like this is an underappreciated group as while they are what I consider to be the foundations of our region, building a strong constitution and law which allows our region to thrive, they often do not get the credit for it. Thus, I would like to thank all the legislators who have submitted legislature to the General Assembly for discussion, who can all be found right here:

The second group of people that is a huge part of this success are all the assemblians who took their time to read the amendments and vote in the polls. As more than a third of legislature this term were constitution amendments, a large part of the voting on legislature was done by assemblians. Without each assemblian diligently reading the various amendments and deliberating on them, at one point even having to vote on amendments for a period of around half a month, I would confidently say that this term would not have received the same amount of success.

The last group of people that I would like to thank are our MGAs. Our MGAs have worked tirelessly throughout this entire term to decide which legislature would be good for our region if passed. This term saw some rather contentious legislature such as Election Amendment (Separate Elections) which saw two vote switches that could decide the passage of the amendment. Our MGAs also oversaw reforms to the judicial branch of the government as well as several amendments to optimise our laws and improve the experience of being a citizen in TLA. We also oversaw two joke laws which spawned the Kavaist-Gnome-Lloberal-Koala-(insert all the other factions) debate. I'm sure all of you had fun either participating in this debate or just watching it from the sidelines (in all seriousness, for newer nations reading this and getting confused about what it is, it's basically a regional meme. Please don't vote on affiliations in the upcoming elections). I would like to thank Dyl, Nangka, New Samon, Sincadenas and Wascoitan on behalf of the region in making this GA term wonderful.

Looking towards the 20th General Assembly, I personally hope that the legislative momentum would continue and it would thrive in terms of the quantity and quality of legislature as it did in this GA and the previous. There are rumours of fresher faces who are planning to nominate in this upcoming election, and I'm glad that the region as a whole is starting to get more interested in the legislative. I do also feel like I have repeated this a lot but I cannot stress it enough that being a MGA is often the first government position that many politicians in TLA hold. In the census, a significant portion of assemblians expressed interest in participating in government, and the upcoming elections are a good way to get started. I hope that we will be able to see a competitive election for the next General Assembly and greater successes for the legislative branch of TLA in the future.

Unity in diversity!

Speaker Antinios

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