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Quetzalleia wrote:
Hi all,

Verner my lord is still being supported by Veno-Arterial ECMO full cardiopulmonary support in the Cardiac ICU. He suffered a Cardiac Arrest during the ambulance ride to the hospital but was successfully resuscitated and defibrillated before arriving at the hospital. However, shortly after arriving at the hospital Emergency Room he went into Cardiac Arrest again. He was put on ECMO to provide cardiopulmonary support while he was being resuscitated and defibrillated and he received the Therapeutic Hypothermia treatment after he was successfully resuscitated. Unfortunately, subsequently he suffered several more Cardiac Arrests due to recurrent and severe cardiac arrhythmia and couldn't be weaned from ECMO support. He has upper body, ambulatory VA-ECMO cannulation and is awake and conscious now but he hasn't been allowed to get out of bed to move about or take an ECMO Walk. He’ll be having his 4th Cardiac Catheter Ablation Procedure today. So please pray for him to have a successful Cardiac Ablation procedure and a fast recovery. Thank you everyone.


I'll be thinking of your beloved and wishing him the best.

You need support as well. I hope you have kind people to support you. Even if it's by necessity socially distanced by telephone, I hope you have good friends and/or family members with an open ear and open heart.